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Trinh Dinh Tuan Anh - owner of ORION TATTO is a designer painter, sculptor, but he began to understand and love with the art tattoo art 15 years ago.



Trinh Dinh Tuan Anh is also a young person, but he is a bit different with his friends, he is more attracted to the traditional values of the country culture. He likes cock-fighting, calligraphy, plaster sculpture, bronze sculpture ... His works imbued with the spirit and values of Vietnam.

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Little achievement for the little passion of Mr. Tuan Anh

Due to his passion for culture, he had a little artistic talent, he entered the Central Pedagogical University of Pedagogy. After that, he studied 5 years at Fine Arts College, majoring in sculpture. Learning here has helped him to accumulate a lot of knowledge and skilled sculpture techniques. Main themes in his works are: the lotus, the image of the Vietnamese girl ... The countryside inspiration has a decisive role in the attractiveness of his works.


Artistic works by Tuan Anh

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 He said: At that time, the concept of "art tattoos" is still something new in Vietnamese society. To mention tattoos, it is thought that a person is not good, social prejudice somewhat makes the concept of "tattoo art" become distorted. Today, as society grows and integrates, the era of the flat whirled helps the people of the world more intertwined with the common civilization of humanity. Thus, art tattoos have gradually become a new trend in thinking as well as perception evaluation of each young people and some of the generations of recognition.



In keeping with the passion of the tattoo art, he had to trade a lot of things. Graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University specialized in painting sculpture with a steady income job after graduation, but the passion for Tattooing has propelled his career to turn to a new page. He lives and stick with it until this point, 12 years I've known a lot of tattoo parlor large and small in Hanoi, he is working hard every day to put Art Tattoos became popular, more friendly and beautiful in everyone's eyes. We take seriously on the job to "tattoo art"

We are serious about the job of "tattoo art" no longer a preconception to society, no longer a concept of "tattoos" that must be recognized by everyone as "tattoos".

Mr. Trinh Dinh Tuan Anh shared that: Traditional culture is the identity of the nation, the cradle, the milk that nourishes the human soul. We see a beautiful past of the nation. The more you learn, the more passionate and fascinated.



Tran Dinh Tuan Anh's calligraphy work

In addition to sculpture, Tuan Anh is also good at calligraphy. He often writes meaningful words such as “Lộc, An, Tâm, Nhẫn”  or the meaningful verse about parents, brotherly love to give relatives, friends. He hopes that traditional cultural values are keeper and spreader widely in the community in modern life.

Being a lover and a fan of traditional culture, it is not mean that Trinh Dinh Tuan Anh turns his back on the trends of modern culture. He still absorbs and integrates but in a different way. For example, he loves art tattoos. He learned tattooing on social networking clips by himself. But he does not run goose tattoos. He likes pictures of a famous Japanese tattooist -  His name is Shige. Because of the long period of Western tattoo studies, his works always imbues with Japanese style and culture.


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Tuan Anh received the art of tattooing in his own way. He often creates his own ideas for the tattoo. It may be the image of a Vietnamese woman dressed in “ Áo Dài”, a national lotus of Vietnam, a baby of Vietnamese countryside or a sacred one-pillar pagoda. Dynamic, vibrant color, clarity to vibrate the heart. Looking at Tuan Anh's work, the viewer was warm and very close.



Here, we understand, there are many ways to keep and spread Vietnamese culture. The young man Trinh Dinh Tuan Anh has his own way of expressing his passion and talent. Although he uses exotic movement, the viewer still feels the spirit and essence of a Vietnamese person.

With him “Art tattoos are not just passion, they are also a huge part of social responsibility waiting for him in the front”.



Messaging / Calling096 1010 510 free consultation - OFF 40%

Address: 32 Dao Duy Tu - Hoan Kiem - Hanoi

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